Hello, I'm Lucien 👋

I build no-code apps for clients and for fun.



Yes, that's right, I build stuff without coding!

Faster turnaround time

3 to 5 times faster than traditional development

You just have to deal with me

No need to hire a whole team of developers

Your product is not a blackbox

You can modify and maintain it yourself


Is no-code right for my project?

There are many no-code tools out there, so chances are there's one that is right for your project. If it's not one I'm specialising in, I'll introduce you to another freelance who's a better fit, no problem.

It's no-code, so I guess it's cheaper... ?

Yes, and no: man-hour is about the same as with traditional development. But no-code development is 3 to 5 times faster. QED.

I already have an app. Can you help me?

It's something I do, but not often to be honest. I'm trying to focus on entire builds/projects. I like the process of starting from nothing and bringing an idea to life.

Can you teach me Bubble or Adalo?

I don't do 1-on-1 trainings or coaching anymore, but for Bubble you can join one of the official Bubble bootcamps I teach at. For Adalo, if you speak French you can register for this online course offered by Contournement that I contribute to.

Contact me

Got a project? Don't hesitate to reach out.